A program for delayed execution commands, suitable e.g. for operations automated after system startup.

This program is freeware. It can be distributed and used for free.

DelayLauncher.exe timeout command1 [command2 [commandN]] [/s] [/log | /logall]

timeout - Time in seconds after which commands run.
command1-commandN - Commands which are executed after elapsed timeout.
Commands containing spaces include in double quotation marks.
Parameters of runing programs include in single quotation marks.
/s - Silent mode.
/log - In the application folder creates a log recording errors.
/logall - In the application folder creates a log recording all activity.

DelayLauncher.exe 60 c:\programfile.exe "c:\program files\programfile.exe" "cmd.exe '/k dir'"
  After one minute runs:
  c:\program files\programfile.exe
  cmd.exe /k dir

DelayLauncher.exe 30 file.exe /s
  After 30 seconds runs file.exe in silent mode, i.e. withou tray icon.

DelayLauncher.exe 120 www.darmovzal.cz
  After two minutes opens the typed URL in default internet browser.

DelayLauncher.exe 60 readme.doc
  After one minute opens readme.doc in a program associated to doc extension.

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